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Affordable Computer Services

Terms Of Service As Of
Sales and delivery conditions as follows:

Please note that the new rate of $35/hr for system and network services posted on the Contact ACS page applies to new clients and has been in effect since 01/01/2011.
Existing clients that maintain a history of prompt payment for services (within 5 business days) will continue to enjoy their current rates until 06/01/2012.
Warranty for on-site service is 10 business days from the date of service.
Warranty for parts or a system is 20 business days from the date of purchase.
Warranties do not apply until payment is received.
Unrelated problems do not involve warranty service.
Payment is due when service is performed unless prior arrangements are made.
Other terms, such as by retainer or monthly maintenance are available.
We all make mistakes. A check that does not clear will be presented to the client to redeem before being processed for collection.
Clients presented a check which has not cleared will also be responsible for any fees charged by the bank.
Collection efforts requiring documention (statements, emails, faxes to counsel, etc.) will be added to the claim for compensation at the same rate as service.
Collection efforts requiring personal appearance (before court, arbitrator, etc.) will be added to the claim for compensation at the same rate as service and will include travel time.
Clients will be notified when service is complete on systems taken in or dropped off for service. Warranty for off-site service (10 business days) will begin when the client is notified that the system is ready.
Systems unclaimed for 30 calendar days after service is complete will be considered abandoned and may be claimed by ACS.
After the date of service, late fees will accrue at 2% weekly of the original principal.
Any legal fees required to collect for services will be added to the total. If it becomes necessary to seek legal help to collect for service, the minimum added to a claim will be $25.
Please make checks payable to Paul Peterson and send to:

Affordable Computer Services
1526 Melrose St.
Cocoa, Florida, 32922

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