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Windows 98 Services


Win 98

Free Windows 98 Updates.
The original version of Windows 98 lacked several options that were added with Windows 98 SE, such as the ability to access drives larger than 32 gig.
Free Windows 98 Boot Up Tune Up
Your Gigahertz system can boot even Faster without hardware changes! The startup sequence can be made more efficient on even brand new systems.
If Windows 98 leaves the screen 'Windows 98 is shutting down' indefinately, there is a quick fix besides downloading the patch from Microsoft which doesn't always work anyway.


Win 98
Upgrade Facts

Windows 2000 and XP won't do everything you're used to doing in Windows 98. Windows 2000 is NOT the new version of Windows 98. It is the new version of Windows NT 4.0. Even though 98 can be upgraded to 2000 or XP, there is some hardware and software not supported by 2000 or XP. The only ISA devices likely to be supported by 2000 and XP are some Network cards and SCSI controllers.
You can have your current version of Windows AND Windows 2000 or XP. Known as dual boot, this will preserve your current operating system exactly as it is now and let your Windows 2000 or XP system grow as software and drivers become available.


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